Third Annual Future of Greater Washington

On October 25, leaders from the region's private, non-profit, and government sectors came together for Leadership Greater Washington's Third Annual Future of Greater Washington, a Leadership Exchange sponsored by Accenture and hosted by Gallup. The event was presented in partnership with Leadership: Arlington, Fairfax, Howard, Loudoun, Montgomery, Prince George's, and Greater Baltimore. The return of the acclaimed leadership exchange signifies the positive impact of collective leadership and initiatives dedicated to advancing the Greater Washington region. 

This year's event welcomed some of the most influential thought leaders from Gallup, The Stephen S. Fuller Institute, Greater Washington Board of Trade, Greater Washington Partnership, JBG SMITH, United Way of the National Capital Area, and Accenture, to present on integral initiatives dedicated to regional growth and development happening in Greater Washington. 

After a welcome from LGW President & CEO Doug Duncan ('15) and Pinkie Mayfield ('01) VP Corporate Affairs & Chief Communications Officer for Graham Holdings Company, attendees had the opportunity to hear from Gallup's Global Managing Partner, Jon Clifton, who shared insightful data about what their analytics are telling us about the relationship between GDP and well-being globally.

"Just because we see pure economic growth, that doesn't mean that people's lives are getting better." - Jon Clifton, Gallup

Jeannette Chapman Deputy Director & Senior Research Associate The Stephen S. Fuller Institute, The Schar School of Policy and Government at George Mason University, led the first set of morning presentations with The Big Picture. Jeannette took a look at the Washington region's economic trends and its near-term outlook. 

Next, the President & CEO of the Greater Washington Board of Trade, Jack McDougle ('19), shared insights during his presentation The Future of Greater Washington: Becoming a Smarter Region

"Smart Cities use technology and data to make better decisions and create new opportunities." - Jack McDougle ('19), Greater Washington Board of Trade

Smart Cities, according to Jack, see 40% fewer crimes, 15% lower disease burden rates, 30% reduced traffic congestion, 35% faster emergency response, 15% reduction in emissions, and 20 gallons of water saved per person per day.

Jennifer Kaplan, VP Engagement & External Affairs of the Greater Washington Partnership, then shared her expertise about the regional mobility and workforce development between Baltimore and Richmond.

"Our region has great diversity, tremendous assets and immense potential." - Jennifer Kaplan, Greater Washington Partnership 

Jennifer added that the capital region has come together to drive results in unprecedented ways to include:

  • Fostering Unity: Changed the narrative on the region: "If one wins, we all win." Reached across jurisdictional lines to encourage solidarity.

As a result, our region is already stronger.

Next, AJ Jackson, Executive Vice President, Social Impact Investing for JBG SMITH, led discussion regarding the Washington housing initiative. He shared the key principles of the Washington Housing Initiative, which include:

  • Focus on High-Impact Locations
  • Commit to Long-Term affordability 
  • Invest at scale, with speed, certainty, and flexibility 
  • Sustain and strengthen inclusive communities
  • Build a replicable model

Rosie Allen-Herring ('02) President & CEO for the United Way of the National Capital Area shared her expertise on regional inequity impact. She posed the question, "What can the region do?," and made the following recommendations:

  • Programs such as:
    • Financial literacy
    • Business incubation
    • Business development
    • Educational assistance
  • Ask the question: Does this investment improve or worsen racial economic equity?
  • Does it increase or decrease the income & wealth gap?

To wrap up the day, Marty Rodgers, Managing Director -- Metro DC & Health and Public Service - SE, Accenture, led participants in a collaborative session where they shared ideas with each other.

Overall, participants agreed that Future of Greater Washington was an excellent opportunity to learn in detail and meet leaders working on regional efforts impacting the region today.

Leadership Greater Washington will continue to convene thought leaders and innovators in the region with the mission of establishing a lasting positive change in our region. Over time and with the support of leaders, government officials, and the community as a whole, the region will continue to demonstrate economic growth and a better quality of life for all residents. 

Thank you again to our event sponsor, Accenture and event host, Gallup. Photos and video from the event are included below. Presentation slides can be viewed here.