How can I get involved?

Individuals and organizations can a sponsor of LGW programs and events held throughout the year. Join LGW’s mailing list to stay connected about LGW programs, deadlines and events. 

Interested leaders may apply to LGW’s Signature Program or enhance their leadership skills by enrolling in LGW’s Rising Leaders program. Youth leaders active in their community can apply to Youth Leadership Greater Washington.

LGW Members, leaders who have successfully completed the Signature Program, stay involved and connected through attendance at LGW-sponsored regional dialogues, workshops and networking events. Members can also stay engaged through participation on various LGW committees, becoming a member of the Board of Directors, as an Ambassador to members of the new Class, or as a sponsor of LGW programs and events.

Who are LGW’s members?

LGW membership begins with the successful completion of the Signature Program. LGW’s over 1,800 members are senior level leaders in their organizations representing a cross section of the government, nonprofit and corporate sectors from the District, Maryland and Virginia.

Senior-level leaders interested in applying to LGW can join the mailing list to stay connected about programs and application deadlines or learn more about LGW’s Signature Program. Applications to the Signature Program become available in January and are due in April.

LGW maintains a collaborative and positive relationship with other regional leadership programs such as Leadership Howard, Leadership Loudoun, Leadership Montgomery, Leadership Prince George’s, Leadership Fairfax, and Leadership Arlington. Additionally, executives from each program regularly share best-practices and programming ideas for continued growth.

What programs does LGW offer?

Many connections that are fostered by LGW begin through its menu of unique programs offered for leaders at every stage of their leadership journey.

LGW is most known for its Signature Program, also known as the Class Year, which provides a unique connection to the community and a network of senior-level regional leaders through an intensive, hands-on and experiential study of the region. Upon successful completion of the Signature Program, these leaders become members of LGW.

The Rising Leaders Program provides action-learning leadership training and community building for regional leaders early in their career.

Youth Leadership Greater Washington offers leadership development and community awareness for area high school sophomores and juniors, the region’s next generation of leaders.  

What is Leadership Greater Washington?

Leadership Greater Washington is the region’s largest community leadership program with a mission to connect diverse leaders and stimulate their collaborative efforts through dynamic education and membership programs and events that inspire them to strengthen the region.

LGW creates connectivity among the leaders in positions to positively impact not only themselves but their employees, their constituents, their clients, their neighbors and their families. This connectivity is the backbone and strength of the LGW network enabling leaders to reach out to each other across sectors based on the common goal of changing our region for the better. 

LGW is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.