Housing Affordability

Thought Leadership: Solving the Housing Crisis for Employers

Last week LGW members came together to continue our discussion on the regional housing crisis, this time from an employer’s perspective. At Session V of the Thought Leadership Series on housing affordability, entitled “Solving the Housing Crisis for Employers,” members engaged with a panel of industry experts on how businesses can improve their employees’ and prospective employees’ access to sensible housing options: 

LGW's Regional Housing Solutions at Thought Leadership Session IV

LGW members met for their fourth session in the Thought Leadership Series on housing affordability. We welcomed some of the region’s top leaders on the housing issue for a moderated discussion on the scope of the housing supply problem, projections on its growth, and some possible ways forward out of the region's crisis.

Thought Leadership Session III: A Closer Look at Affordable Housing

Leadership Greater Washington members recently took an on-the-ground look at successful affordable housing projects in Arlington, VA with some of the region’s key organizations addressing the affordable housing crisis. LGW’s third session in the Thought Leadership Series on housing affordability provided members the opportunity to learn about concrete solutions, to encourage community development and improve equitable access to sensible housing options.

Thought Leadership Session II: Housing, Transportation & Employment

In January, Leadership Greater Washington and the Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers (WRAG) continued their discussion about housing affordability in the region at the second session of the 18-month Thought Leadership Series. LGW members were joined by the following panel of experts to explore connections between housing, transportation and employee recruitment/retention: