2024 Annual Meeting





We've been fortunate to have another busy year. And while we've also been fortunate to spend a lot of it with you, there's still so much to share from our programs, events, and other happenings that you may have missed.

Every June we convene our Annual Meeting to let everyone know exactly what we've been up to. It's a chance not just for members, but also the public, to hear all the comings, goings, and connections that have happened over the past twelve months. It's always a special time for us, a chance to connect as an organization with a larger audience, and also a chance to celebrate our Members with awards for community impact and, of course, Class of the Year. And for the first time this year we're welcoming the newly-formed LGW Choir for their inaugural performance!

We'll be hosting a summer kick-off happy hour for attendees immediately proceeding the event, so there's no better time than ever to join us for a yearly recap of all things LGW. We can't wait to have you, and we can't wait to fill you in our year of connecting, collaborating, and bringing together the extraordinary leaders that call our region home!

3:30-4:00 Networking & Registration

4:00-5:15 Program

5:15-7:00 Summer Kick-Off Happy Hour @ Dirty Habit (555 8th St NW, Washington, DC 20004)