Anti-Racist Leadership Series 201

Leading for change

Participants in this program should have completed the 101 series as a pre-requisite. Exceptions can be granted based on interviews. 

Anti-Racist Leadership 201: Further Explorations into Creating Anti-Racist Organizations

The purpose of this follow-up to our initial forays into anti-racist leadership will be to focus on organizational change. How can we design the cultures of our organizations to actively dismantle patterns of bias and race that have been deeply embedded in the system? Who do we need to be as leaders to take our organizations to the next level? The three sessions will include the following topics as well as outside speakers:

Session One: Understanding Organizational Change 

This session will focus on understanding organizational culture and how to create a shift in the way it functions.  We will invite participants to begin to identify patterns of behavior within their organizations that have perpetuated exclusive behaviors and look at some of the levers of change. Participants will get a basic assessment tool to look at their own organizations in order to uncover patterns in the organizational unconscious that are contributing to limiting attitudes and behaviors.

Session Two: Creating a Pathway for Change

Session two will provide an opportunity for participants to take their discoveries about their own organization and begin to design a process for creating an evolved culture. Participants will work in teams to support each other in looking at new ways for their organizations to create a greater sense of belonging for all stakeholders.

Session Three: Leading for Change

The final session of this series will bring together the personal learnings from our initial Anti-Racist Leadership work and integrate it with the organizational change process identified in Sessions 1 and 2 of this program in order to create a clear strategy for organizational leadership that can effectively implement the change process. Participants will leave with a clear design for change.

Meet the Series Co-Leaders:

Howard Ross (’91) – Founding Partner, Udarta Consulting, LLC

Howard Ross is a lifelong social justice advocate, the founder of Cook Ross, and the founder of Udarta Consulting, LLC. He is considered one of the world’s seminal thought leaders on identifying and addressing Unconscious Bias. To learn more about Howard you can read his full bio here.

Artis G. Hampshire-Cowan, Esq. ('89) – Senior Fellow, Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges

Artis G. Hampshire-Cowan, Esq. is founder and principal of Leveraged Leadership Group, LLC and is a senior fellow of the Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges (AGB). During her 25-year tenure at Howard University, she served as the senior vice president and corporate secretary, an interim chief operating officer, and as the acting president.  A sought-after speaker and trainer, her specialties include organizational and leadership development; managing change and transition; diversity and inclusivity; board-CEO relationships, and board strategic development. Read her full bio here.

The first session is mandatory and attending all sessions is strongly encouraged.