Applying Conscious Capitalism: Conscious Consumerism





The core philosophy of Conscious Capitalism is elevating humanity through business. It looks beyond the economics of free enterprise to see the value it creates for people--the prosperity and progress it can bring to communities. In the thought leadership forum from Conscious Capitalism, DC and Leadership Greater Washington, Applying Conscious Capitalism: Conscious Consumerism, we will examine how businesses and customers can operate in a manner reflective of the ideals of Conscious Capitalism. What does it mean to be a conscious consumer?

For this session we will be joined by two business leaders who are committed to operating in ways that are not only conscious, but that also provide value to their communities. Gina Schaefer is Owner and Chief Localist at A Few Cool Hardware Stores, a chain of ACE Hardware stores in the DC area that focuses on local products, community revitalization, and supporting underrepresented populations. Jonah Goldman is Co-Founder and Director of Marketing for PLNT Burger, an environmentally-mindful, sustainable fast casual franchise devoted to making good food that is even better for the health of their communities, and our planet.

Join us on October 18 to learn how Gina and Jonah put consciousness forward in their operations.

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