Emerging Leadership: LGW Intern, EJ Ellis

January 24, 2018

Leadership Greater Washington is proud to provide internship opportunities for high school and college students with an interest in communications, marketing, and development.

This year, LGW partnered with Urban Alliance as an internship placement site. Under the leadership of Executive Director, Nathaniel Cole ('16), Urban Alliance connects with businesses to empower under-resourced youth to aspire, work and succeed through paid internships, formal training, and mentorship. LGW recently sat down with Urban Alliance intern Elmer "EJ" Ellis to catch up on his intern experience so far. EJ is a senior at McKinley Tech High School, interning with the Marking Communications Department at LGW. Even though EJ has only been interning at LGW for 3 months, he has already proven himself to be a vital member of the team. 

LGW: What has the internship experience taught you, both personally and professionally? What are your personal goals? How do you think the experience of this internship will serve you in the process of achieving these goals?
EJ: My internship has taught me how to conduct myself in a working and business type environment. I’ve learned how to better network with people and polish my communication skills. My personal goals are to improve my communication tactics and time management. This internship will allow me to work on communicating with the people in my office and teach me how to manage my time effectively while balancing homework, basketball practice, my internship, and college applications. 

LGW: What have you learned about LGW and the membership network served?
EJ: I learned that LGW works with many different leaders in the DC area and brings them together to make a change in the community. Each year there is a new class inducted into the program and leaders experience a 10-month program to become members.

LGW: Any exciting moments for you over the course of your internship experience?
EJ: I would say preparing for the events and seeing the different events that go on throughout the year. Also, being able to attend to the Arts and Entertainment with the Signature Class of 2018 day was great. 

LGW: What did you enjoy most about Arts and Entertainment Day in December? 
EJ: I enjoyed watching the different members work together on activities that they may not have experience participating in, and the food was excellent.  

LGW: What advice would you give others looking to gain valuable experience and technical skills through this internship program?
EJ: I would say to do more than what you are asked to do, this will give you the ability to gain more experience and learn new skills. 

LGW: What is next for you after high school graduation? 
EJ: I plan to attend Morehouse College where I will be majoring in Broadcast Journalism.

LGW: What are some activities you like to do for fun? 
EJ: I like to hang out with my friends and write. I’m on the basketball team at school and I enjoy participating in Photography Club and Communications Club at my school. 

Update: EJ achieved his dream of being accepted into Morehouse College and will be attending the school this August. Read a recent article which highlights the hard work he and his classmates exemplified in order to attend this prestigious university. 

Today these 6 Kings are graduating from high school. If I told you their stories you’d think it was from a movie. This fall they are ALL @Morehouse bound! #morehouse22pic.twitter.com/x508MhsxyC

— Johnathan Hill (@JohnCapitolHILL) June 9, 2018

Emerging Leadership: LGW Intern, EJ Ellis