August 22, 2017

LGW caught up with recent graduate of the 2017 Rising Leaders program, Johann Pavri, to discuss his experience in the program, and to learn more about his personal path to leadership as a young professional living and working in the region. 

As an Associate at Thompson Coburn, LLP, Johann's professional focus concerns legal transactions in real estate, transportation regulatory, and corporate transactions.  
A graduate of Rutgers University and The George Washington University Law School, Johann is also a member of the Corporate & Business Law Society, and the Forum on Law, Economics.

Johann is actively engaged in the region and was named an honoree volunteer by North Brunswick Township for his service to the community.  

Q&A with Johann Pavri

LGW: How did you first become involved with Leadership Greater Washington and the Rising Leaders program? 
A colleague participated in the Rising Leaders program and recommended that I join. After some quick research, I thought it would be a great way to continue to grow individually and professionally as well as network in Washington. 
What was something that surprised you about the Rising Leaders program?  

I was surprised at how quickly everyone became connected. By the end of the first session, it felt like we had all, as a collective group, known each other for years. The level of comfort from the outset definitely surprised me. 

Can you give us some background or insight into your personal leadership path-including your sources of inspiration and most important lessons learned?  
 My personal leadership path has been inspired by my sense of proactivity learned from my parents. From my early days, I repeatedly heard the quote, “Why put off till tomorrow what you can do today?” In addition, having several personal and professional mentors has helped me to pick up different styles and approaches and blend them into my own. I have recently been afforded the opportunity to serve as a mentor, which has helped me to further hone and refine my leadership style. 
How would you describe LGW-the alumni, leadership, staff and overall mission of the organization?  
If I could sum up my experience in one word, it would be “exciting.” From my first session, the leadership and staff made each session fun and enjoyable while sharing beneficial training in a thoughtful manner. The LGW alumni were eager to engage with the Rising Leaders and share their life experiences in an effort to continue the organizational mentality that “if one of us makes it, we all make it.” 
Can you describe an extraordinary LGW Moment from your experience-a connection you made, something you pursued because of LGW or a distinctive memory? 
One of the most hilariously memorable moments was the initial part of our presentation session where we practiced different kinds of walking styles and examined our body language. In addition to learning what type of walker each of us is, we got some great practice if we ever found ourselves on a fashion show runway. 
How has your experience in the Rising Leaders program impacted your future goals as a leader in the region?  
The excitement of the Rising Leaders Program leaves me with a “get out there and do something” attitude, which aligns with my life long lesson in proactivity. This mindset has made me try to give back something, no matter how small, every day. 

How do you envision the future of the region? What about LGW’s role in the future?  
The DC metro area is an ever-growing region. Industry, economy, and diversity are all on an upward trend in the region and are what makes the DC metro area such a special place. LGW brings together smart, driven, courageous and genuine people, who, when working together across numerous sectors, can make a profound positive impact on the future of the region.  
How do your efforts and leadership at your current organization impact the future of the Greater Washington region?  
I am an attorney at a firm that takes the time to engage with and help the community. The knowledge and skills I’ve learned as a Rising Leader further my understanding of the issues facing the Greater Washington region and what can be done to overcome those obstacles.  
Please tell us something people might now know about you.
Though I haven’t played in almost a decade, I had a brief stint as a first chair violinist in my school orchestra.