Joining the Journey to Anti-Racism

January 11, 2023

Anti-racism is a journey. A journey through one’s mind, emotions, and histories, and one through the systemic inequities and injustices of the world around us.

This past Fall a group of LGW Members and Partners participated in our DMV Bridge Journeys, a series of trips within our region focused on revealing the past and reflecting on its implications for the present and future. You can read about our experiences in previous posts on this blog.

Reveal: Eastern Shore, MD
Reflect: Richmond Day 1
Reflect: Richmond Day 2
Recalibrate: Washington, DC

But you don’t have to leave home to start your own journey. Or continue the one you’ve started. On January 25, LGW’s Anti-Racist Leadership Series returns, an exploration of not only what it means to be Anti-Racist, but how to practice it in your daily life and within your organizations. The goal? To create opportunities for actionable change that address core issues of racial justice, healing, and equity.

As leaders we all owe it to our region to be at the forefront of this movement. To learn, to share, and to take action where it truly matters. The Anti-Racist Leadership Series is a starting point, but it’s up to you to make the lasting impact.

Anti-Racist Leadership 101
Anti-Racist Leadership 201
Anti-Racist Leadership 301

Insights from past Anti-Racist Leadership Series participants:

“These sessions have offered new insights that challenge your perspective and encourage action.”

“It was direct, informative, and set the groundwork for what I believe will be an insightful and transformative experience.”

“Very informative and so very important for individuals who are in a position to change personal and institutional behavior in this area.”

“Excellent conversation and connection with people from a broad cross-section of backgrounds and professions.”

“The facilitation is spot on for a virtual environment. It's engaging, feels safe, and encourages us to continue the work outside of the space to truly bring about change wherever we are--work, home, with friends. It starts with us.”

Joining the Journey to Anti-Racism