Lessons in Leadership featuring Dr. Carla Hayden

November 15, 2019

For the November 2019 installment of our Lessons in Leadership series, Dr. Carla Hayden, the 14th Librarian of Congress, sat down with Richard Bynum ('13), PNC's President for Greater Washington & Virginia. In attendance were more than 100 visionary influencers from across the region. 

We enjoyed a memorable, humorous and enlightening discussion with Dr. Hayden, an authentic leader at the pinnacle of her profession, who is inspiring librarians to increase access to books in challenged communities. The humor was a standout. When Richard asked Dr. Hayden, "how was it being a Librarian without all of this technology?" She replied, "well we didn't know, because we didn't have it!" 

Catch the full video here, and don't miss out on our next session. 

Key takeaways for leaders: build your bench of diverse professionals when creating a team, access is critical when reaching the youngest generation of digital natives, and use humor to release the pressure when work gets tense. 

In partnership with PNC, Lessons in Leadership brings together vital leaders in our community to network with peers, tell the stories that shaped them as leaders, and to share insights into the successes inherent in leading with greater purpose, gratitude, integrity, and courage. 

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Lessons in Leadership featuring Dr. Carla Hayden