September 21, 2017

This fall, the in demand, member-led series returned for another year of impactful and insightful knowledge sharing with one of a kind Members Salons across the region.

Salon topics included: 
Innovation in Non-Profits: Hosted by Emily Allen ('14) and Naj Uddin ('16) of the AARP Foundation. The session took a closer look at how AARP as a non-profit, implements a rigorous innovation and human-centered design process to identify, prototype, test and scale solutions that increase economic opportunity and social connections for older adults in poverty. Members learned how to use innovation and lean start-up methodologies and discover how solutions for partnering with for-profits and non-profits help advance evidenced-based solutions. 

Master the Media: A training led by LGW sponsor, Sage Communications. Since media is a part of daily business proceedings and leadership, the session examined the impact of refined media tactics and offered applicable methods to use in the professional sphere. With a great mix of participants, everyone was able to away with the skills to master any media interview, company presentation, or lecture.

The Art of Pie Making: Ris Lacoste ('17), owner of Restaurant Risk and her new pastry chef, Aja Cage, recently named Pastry Chef of the Year by Baltimore Magazine hosted a delicious workshop on the art of pie making from her award-winning hands. Aja demonstrated crusts and fillings, assembly and secret pie baking tips. The baking class ended with a sweet finish, concluding with a pie and ice cream tasting session. 

The Other Tour of DC: Members joined Dr. Mark Bergel ('16) for a two-hour tour of some of Greater Washington's most impoverished neighborhoods. The trip around wards 7 and 8 provided an inside view of what has happened and is happening in these areas. The conversation also focused on how positive change can occur for those in poverty, why it has not happened to date, and where the initial steps can be taken to create this change. 

“Taking this tour was precisely the reason I joined LGW as it exposed me to things I would have ever known existed and took me to places in our region I would have never gone. Apex Home Loans has been A Wider Circle supporter for a long time, and our partnership will certainly continue moving forward.  It’s events like these that bring together nonprofit and business folks to better understand a problem and collaborate on ways they can help that not only provide great LGW member value but more importantly tap into the amazing human resource that is our membership to help improve our region.” Craig Strent (’09)

Thank you to our hosts for sharing your skills and passions with our membership. The Member Salons will be held on December 6.