June 19, 2017

In June, LGW’s Class of 2017 met for the official closing retreat of the Signature Program, at the historic Airlie Center in Warrenton, VA. The retreat was a great opportunity for our 62 influential leaders to celebrate and reflect on a year of leadership and learning.

The LGW Signature Program is a 10-month continuing dialogue about regional issues with dynamic experts in Greater Washington. Program Days focused on topics ranging from inclusiveness, environmental sustainability, arts and education and public safety.

Much was accomplished during the closing retreat, including the election of ('17) Class Representatives. Congratulations to Valarie Clark, Director, Association of American Media Colleges and Alfredo Casta, CEO, Cascades Technologies, Inc. The LGW  the Board of Directors looks forward to welcoming you to this new stage of leadership in FY18.  Class members finalized the 2017 Signature Class Project and participated in the long-awaited LGW Induction to Membership. The class also decided on their official class name ‘NonStop!’, a fitting testament to the collective energy, enthusiasm, and productivity of this cohort.

The 2017 Class provided feedback and reflection on the relationships established through involvement in the Signature Program.

“The broad range of content and diversity of the class made this experience highly valuable. I have learned so much and plan to stay connected with my class and LGW for years.” -Katherine Roboff (’17)

In addition to experiencing the region in a whole new way, through action-oriented activities and thought-provoking dialogue, members transformed personally and professionally. Class participants consistently demonstrated their interest in learning more about the region and strategizing solutions for the communities in Greater Washington.

 “Every day was full of new ideas and relevant information. This year introduced me to new perspectives and new friends. I have examples of other leaders in action to model in my responsibilities. We got to know each other as individual leaders and truly see into the person, free of their responsibility and not defined by the community they serve.”- Brooke Kidd (’17)

However, it was not all work, plenty of fun was had by this ‘NonStop!’ class - including a lip sync contest and a luau dinner party. Thank you to our generous sponsors and hosts of Signature Program events and program days. Our sincerest appreciation program to Co-Leader Julie Kantor (’00) for providing her guidance and support to the Signature Class and to Chris Butts from Careerstone Group, for facilitating our opening and closing retreat.

Congratulations to the Class of 2017. LGW welcomes you to our membership network, and we look forward to your continued contributions to the region.

Check out pictures from the closing retreat here

The closing retreat occurred June 14, 2017-June 16, 2017.