Civil Rights Learning Journey: Alexandria, VA




The Alexandria Civil Rights Learning Journey is full - thanks to all who signed up! And if you were unable to join us for this one, keep an eye out for details on our next journey.

Beginning in 2022, LGW’s Civil Rights Learning Journeys has allowed DC area’s leaders to explore the racial histories hidden across our region. From Maryland’s Eastern Shore to Richmond, Virginia, these journeys revealed and reflected upon the lesser-known racial past that surrounds us.

On Friday, May 31 we’ll take a new journey to Alexandria, Virginia, a city that has its roots in the earliest beginnings of our region. And the struggle for equality and civil rights played a transformative role in those beginnings.

Through visits to the Alexandria Black History Museum, the Freedom House Museum, and Gadsby’s Tavern, as well as a bus tour of local sites, we will explore pivotal moments in the city’s colonial, Jim Crow-era, and modern Civil Rights Movement history. And speakers such as Councilman John Chapman (Founder, Manumission Tour Company), Audrey Davis (Director, African American History Division, City of Alexandria), and Benjamin Skolnik (Archeologist, Office of Historic Alexandria) will help us gain an understanding of how these histories live on in the continuing fight against inequality and injustice.

Our region is one deeply impacted by its racial history, and while that history is sometimes hidden, it is still alive and well in the communities where we live and work.

Join us on this next Bridge Journey to discover the impact this past has on our present, and the impact that you can have on the future.

Active Members: $125
Inactive and Non-members: $150

Registration includes bus transportation in Alexandria and lunch

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