Frontline Converations Featuring Mark Bucher





Feed the Fridge is an effort to bring nourishment where there is hunger while helping small, local restaurants stay in business.

At the immediate onset of the pandemic, the owner of Medium Rare, Mark Bucher, began delivering free meals to older people who were having trouble accessing food. In the first ten months of the pandemic alone, they delivered more than 30,000 meals to area residents over 70. Mark's initial efforts sparked a movement, garnering support across the region, and it was only the beginning.

When public schools closed in August of 2020 and children facing food insecurity were put in peril, Mark went further. He partnered with DC Public Schools to place refrigerators stocked with meals in schools and recreation centers and secured funding for small local restaurants to provide the meals, helping them stay open. This effort marked the beginning of Feed the Fridge, a growing movement playing a key role in solving hunger in our region.

Join us for a Frontline Conversation with Mark Bucher to learn more about what inspired him to build this growing organization and what the future holds for bolstering community supply chains in food deserts.