Frontline Conversation featuring Victor Hoskins ('16)




Victor Hoskins ('16) has a vision. He believes that Northern Virginia can be the technology and innovation center of the western hemisphere. Victor posits that we also have all of the necessary keys in DC, MD, and VA to work together as a region to be one of the most competitive local economies worldwide.

What is it going to take for this vision to become a reality? Our region has experienced dramatic changes and growth of late. Companies like Amazon and Microsoft are placing continued bets on our region's strengths. And recently, Google doubled its footprint in Reston. How can we continue the positive economic momentum of recent years amid the turmoil of COVID-19?

Join us for Frontline Conversations with the dynamic CEO of the Fairfax County Economic Development authority for his outlook on our regional economy and get sharp insights on the shape of things to come for business and our community.

Victor Hoskin ('16) Bio

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