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As businesses in the DC-region seek to adapt and respond adroitly to the constant shocks to the economy, the DC Chamber of Commerce is providing steadfast support and guidance for businesses of all types. Through advocacy, networking, and guidance on economic development, the Chamber gives members direct access to resources for key leaders of the DC business community -- from tech startups to Fortune 500 corporations.

Angela Franco (’13) is the interim President and CEO of the DC Chamber of Commerce, guiding its expansion and creating increased access to opportunities for businesses working to surpass the unique challenges and financial strains brought about by COVID-19. By bridging connections between business leaders, and providing guidance on everything from microgrants, to PPP loan-forgiveness, the Chamber is at the forefront of delivering the nation’s capital a more secure economic future beyond the disruptions of COVID-19.

Join LGW for Frontline Conversations with Angela Franco (’13) to discuss strategies for building economic vitality and discover opportunities for creating a more resilient and connected business community.

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