Frontline Conversations featuring Jennifer Lockwood-Shabat (’15)





The Washington Area Women’s Foundation mobilizes our community so that women and girls experiencing economic vulnerability in the region have the resources they need to thrive. As the global pandemic disproportionately impacts people of color, especially women, girls, and trans and gender-expansive individuals, the Women’s Foundation has responded with their Stand Together Fund to round up community support for those bearing the brunt of the crisis.

The goal is to empower women so that they not only survive the impacts but thrive when the pandemic is over. Jennifer Lockwood-Shabat (’15) leads the organization and its mission, providing and implementing its strategic vision. She has devoted her entire career to improving the lives of low-income and underserved women and girls.

Join us for Frontline Conversations with Jennifer Lockwood-Shabat (’15) to consider strategies for solving systemic problems affecting women and girls in the DC-area and discuss ways to help them reach greater economic strength and raise their collective voice.

Jennifer Lockwood-Shabat (’15) Bio

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