Frontline Conversations featuring Kathy Hollinger ('04)





At the outset of the pandemic, Kathy Hollinger ('04) the President and CEO of the Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington, was our first-ever featured guest on Frontline Conversations. At the time, restaurant owners had laid off nearly 92% of their workforce. Since then, establishments have found solutions and progress has been made on reopening and getting a portion of our workforce back on the job. But as the pandemic continues, it is clear that the nature of service and operations will change for restaurant owners in the long-term. 

Our restaurant industry is a prized and vital section of our regional economy. Kathy will return to share the latest outlook, talk about the state of the industry, share some encouraging stories, and give us an update on where things stand 9-months into the pandemic. 

Kathy Hollinger ('04) Bio

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