Frontline Conversations featuring Myra Peabody Gossens (’87)





Myra Peabody Gossens (’87) is a leader whose work crosses the spectrum of all industries and sectors. This is one of the many reasons her time as President of the LGW Board of Directors helped LGW accelerate a powerful impact across the Greater Washington region. 

Being part of a community of leaders pursuing civic service and breaking down barriers to opportunity is a motivating force for Myra. She is known for skillfully helping people make and implement game-changing decisions.

As President of MPG Advisors, Myra provides strategic guidance, advice, and expertise to a diverse array of companies, nonprofit organizations, associations, and institutions. As we continue to celebrate the 35th Anniversary of LGW, join us for a fascinating look back at some of the pivotal moments and leaders who defined our mission. 

Myra Peabody Gossens ('87) Bio

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