Frontline Conversations featuring Stephen Harlan (Founder)





Stephen Harlan was a founder and the first Board Chair of Leadership Greater Washington. He is a partner at Harlan Enterprises, a specialized real estate investment firm. Stephen is a former Washingtonian of the Year who went on to help lead Washington, DC to fiscal solvency as Vice Chairman of DC’s Financial Control Board from 1995 until 1998, the last year of its existence.  

Stephen played an instrumental role in expanding the LGW footprint to include some of our region’s most impactful leaders in the business, government, and non-profit sectors. But what is most noteworthy about his role within LGW is how he set the tone that fostered a culture of lasting relationships that drive positive change in our region. 

Join us for a chance to reflect on LGW’s history with a leader who made an enduring impact on our organization’s trajectory and our ability to forge the bonds that create positive community impact. 

Stephen Harlan (Founder) Bio

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