Frontline Conversations featuring Tony Cancelosi ('07)





Digital accessibility and disability rights during the pandemic

This July marks the 30th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The disability community is in a challenging position amid Covid-19 as access to digital technology is emerging as a pressing imperative to ensure the civil rights of persons with disabilities are attained.

With most communication now online and with access to the virtual space limited – many platforms are seeking solutions to become more accessible. Common elements for the disabled such as transportation, housing, and workforce development programs are also in limited supply. 

Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind, led by Tony Cancelosi (’07) is advancing digital accessibility for the community they serve. Since 1900, Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind has been dedicated to helping the blind or visually impaired population of the greater Washington region overcome the challenges of vision loss. Join us for Frontline Conversations as we examine the topic of digital access and disability rights and consider ways to work together to create a “better normal.”