GENERATION NEXT: How AI Is Impacting the Future of Work





Generative AI is here to stay, and it will have a defining impact on the future of work. So what can we do in the present to leverage the opportunities it could provide?

On Thursday, May 30, Jake Brody (’19), Sr. Managing Director of Accenture Song, will sit down with Allison Horn, Accenture’s lead researcher on generative AI, and Jermaine Williams (’24), President of Montgomery College, to forecast the future of artificial intelligence and how it will affect the next generation of work and workers. How will generative AI spur reinvention and innovation in our region’s businesses and organizations? How do leaders need to structure and define their teams to meet this new future? And how are our educational institutions training and equipping future workers with the skills for the workplace of tomorrow?

As technology advances at a rapid pace it’s not always easy to see where we’re headed. The future isn’t certain, but with the proper insight and planning you can be sure you’re pointed in the right direction. Join us on May 30 to be part of Generation Next!

10:30-11:00am: Registration & Networking

11:00-12:00pm: Panel & Discussion