Stan Spracker ('06) President at Levine Music and Josh Carin (‘06) CEO of Geppetto Catering

“I can’t sing. I can’t dance. But that’s exactly what Stan was looking for.” For a quiet Midwesterner, Stan Spracker’s (‘06) arrival to... Learn more

Lecester Johnson ('15), CEO of Academy of Hope Public Charter School and Terri Copeland ('15) Senior Vice President and Territory Executive for Community Development Banking at PNC Bank

“This is what I do, but it was more than business to me. The Academy is a mission-driven organization, and being from an east of the river... Learn more

Lisa Wise ('20), Chief Rooster, Flock DC and Ebony Harris, Principal, Templeton Elementary School

“It was clear when we walked through that door that we could be helpful.”  Lisa Wise (‘20) - owner, Flock DC has always understood... Learn more

Diana Mayhew ('07), Executive Director, The National Cherry Blossom Festival, Rebecca Linder (’16), Founder and CEO, Linder Global Events and Lizette Corro ('08), President & CEO, Corro Nobil Associates

“If someone says something can’t be done, that just motivates Diana to make it happen.” – Rebecca Linder (’16), Founder and CEO, Linder... Learn more

The enduring love, mission, and greater purpose of Minister Tom Lewis ('97)

If you take a look down Wylie Street NE in DC today, you will find 2-bedroom rowhouses selling for close to a million dollars. But in 1990... Learn more

The Ability to Push Further Because of Trust - An LGW Impact Story

The summer of 2020 felt like a freefall for many of our region’s non-profit leaders. Heads of bedrock local institutions needed help. Some... Learn more