Leadership Today Artificial Intelligence Series: Emily Yu




Artificial Intelligence is in the news on a daily basis. And while much is made of the negative implications of its exponential growth, little is heard of it’s power for good. Not just good for companies and creatives, but for social good. Emily Yu is the founder of AI PRIORI, which offers social changemakers at nonprofits, foundations, and other social sector organizations, an effective new way to understand and address the world’s most pressing challenges—by enabling them to review their content at scale and identify the information most relevant to them. Using specially trained software that quickly identifies specific concepts, themes, and answers to questions across all the user’s text-based documents, changemakers are positioned to make more effective and evidence-based decisions for greater impact. In our fifth and final installment of the Leadership Today: Artificial Intelligence series, learn how Emily and her company’s software is harnessing Artificial Intelligence to power positive change.