Leadership Today Artificial Intelligence Series: Louis Rosenberg





The power of collective thinking, of group thought, has long been utilized to make predictions about the future – sports scores, stock trends, and election results. But what if this traditional way of operating could be augmented with artificial intelligence technology to make these predictions even more accurate? Enter Swarm AI. Based on the natural behavior of animals such as bees and ants, Swarm AI combines human and artificial intelligence to create a more accurate and efficient decision-making process. The human mind is a powerful thing, and by tapping into brains from around the world, online, in real-time, this AI-powered tech achieves results never before possible. Louis Rosenberg, CEO of Unanimous AI and early pioneer of virtual and augmented reality, is the defining voice in this emerging field, and he will share his thoughts on the potential of this groundbreaking tool and bring in Unanimous team member David Baltaxe for a live demonstration of Swarm technology.