Leadership Today: Mark Crowley





Over a decade ago, Mark C. Crowley was first to assert that traditional leadership practices weren’t just failing, and predicted that workers would one day quit organizations if they felt their deeply human needs for feeling valued and respected weren’t being consistently met. After over two years of the COVID pandemic, when people had time to deeply reflect upon their lives, careers, and personal happiness during, tens of millions of workers globally have quit. And according to McKinsey Consulting, the number one reason people have given to explain why they resigned has been “not having had a caring manager.” The truth is people have greatly evolved in what they need and want in exchange for work, and this massive change in expectations demands that managers embrace an entirely new way of leading.    

In a new and almost entirely rewritten edition of his book Lead from the Heart, Crowley reinforces his thesis that human beings are most often influenced by feelings and emotions, and that it’s the heart, not the mind, that drives human motivation and achievement. Join us for a Leadership Today conversation on how Crowley’s thesis can impact the way you lead, and how a more human touch can lead to a much stronger, effective workplace.