Leadership Today: The Keys to a High-Performing Non-profit and How to Change the Way We Give





The role of non-profits is becoming ever-more integral to a well-functioning society especially in addressing the racial and economic inequities further exposed by the pandemic. So how can we best decide how to give and what it takes to make an impact?

More than $400 billion is donated annually to more than 1.5 million non-profits registered in the US. The challenge for donors is to determine which nonprofits are high performing, and fund those that return the desired results. For non-profits, making a strong case for support includes demonstrating the ability to deliver long-term results that are meaningful, measurable, and financially sustainableBoard members who give set the stage for increased fundraising power. 

If you donate to a non-profit, or lead a non-profit and want to supercharge your strategy, join us for an honest and engaging look at the questions donors should be asking and what high-performing non-profits should be considering when creating a compelling strategic fundraising plan.     

Karen Kalish (’90) is a non-profit founder and philanthropist with 35+ years of non-profit leadership focused on literacy, closing the achievement gap, and ending racial discrimination. She is the founder of three nonprofits – one in DC and two in St. Louis. Her latest is HOME WORKS! The Teacher Home Visit Program working on parent and family engagement in low-performing schools. 

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