Leadership Today: The Six New Rules of Business




The rules of business are changing dramatically. Success is no longer defined by the balance sheet. Reputation, trust and other intangibles drive business value, employees give voice to risk and competitive advantage, and culture is king.

“Business as usual” is not a viable option. From technology to supply chains, social impact to environmental limits, the landscape for business and the definition of success have both been upended. Many of the forces that define these new rules of business are already in play, and business, arguably the most powerful force in the world, is in desperate need of a new operating manual. Through real life examples and case studies tied to the work and research of the Business & Society Program, Judy outlines six new rules that are already in play and are needed to succeed in tomorrow’s economic and social landscape.

Judy Samuelson is founder and executive director of the Aspen Institute Business and Society Program and a vice president at the Aspen Institute. Judy led a ten-year campaign to disrupt Milton Friedman's narrative about profit-maximization to successfully challenge conventional thinking in board rooms and classrooms about the Purpose of the corporation; she produced the Aspen Principles of Long-Term Value Creation to challenge short-termism in business and capital markets; and is promoting a set of Principles designed to disrupt the status quo in boardrooms about the design of CEO pay. Judy's career spans working in the California State Legislature, banking in New York's garment center and directing the Ford Foundation's exploration of impact investing - the Office of Program-Related Investments. Samuelson writes regularly for Quartz at Work. She is a Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Fellow and a director of the Financial Health Network.