Leadership Today w/ Rob Sadow





In 2015, Rob Sadow and his brother Jon founded Scoop, a software platform built for office carpooling. However the COVID-19 pandemic and the rise of remote work demanded a dramatic pivot, and in summer 2020 Scoop re-emerged as a hybrid enablement platform to make it easy for everyone to find out where work is actually happening.

Through the Scoop reboot, Sadow saw that the pandemic’s forced shift in how people live and work would far outlast forced office closures, and that there was no single source of truth on how companies were building or evolving their policies around how and where their teams work. That observation led to the creation of the Flex Index – the world’s most robust source on company in-office requirements, launched in February 2023 – that quickly became the go-to source of data for journalists, economists, and researchers for the latest hybrid/remote work model trends.

Sadow has been cited in Bloomberg, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, and more – discussing topics surrounding flexible work, RTO policies, what’s next in the future of work, and how it impacts our communities. And he’s joining us for the next Leadership Today to share his scoop on what’s next in hybrid work.