Fern Barrueta

Colliers International

Executive Vice President

"My classmate Alvin Nichols (’94) who worked at Fannie Mae at the time, gave me the opportunity to connect with the organization and get involved in a major transaction involving Sallie Mae. This transaction initiated my relationship with Sallie Mae. Because of this involvement, Sallie Mae offered to donate $250,000 to the charity of my choice, which was the organization I helped found, the Hispanic College Fund. This contribution to the Hispanic College Fund created a huge impact economically, that grew into an annual donation of $500,000 from Sallie Mae to send kids to college. That led into becoming a member of the board of Building Hope which was founded by Sallie Mae. I now spend most of my time helping Building Hope find sites for charter schools. The initial connection to Alvin has led to the best parts of my life and career."

Fern Barrueta (’94), Executive Vice President, Colliers International