Rising Leaders

Fostering Early-career Professionals With Their Growth Path


LGW’s Rising Leaders Program is an investment in the region’s future leaders. The five-month program provides young professionals with the tools they need to succeed as leaders and managers. Through engaging activities and discussion, participants learn skills essential to lead themselves and others. Participants gain insight and experience they can apply in any professional environment. Additionally, they have the chance to meet and learn from a diverse pool of regional leaders during the program and beyond. 

Participants who get the most out of the Rising Leaders Program are typically between 26 and 35 years of age. They are in positions as emerging managers, professional associates, or significant individual contributors. They may represent corporate, public, or nonprofit organizations – or be self-employed as entrepreneurs or small business owners. Participants exhibit high levels of enthusiasm and curiosity, interest in self-reflection, dedication to community, and a desire for personal growth.

Tools and Techniques for Tomorrow’s Leaders

During the program, participants will focus on: 

  • Leadership and Self-Awareness

  • Networking and Relationship Building

  • Effective Feedback and Communication

  • Presentation Skills 

  • Managing Up

Each full-day session is led by a trained member of the Careerstone Group, LLC, a full-service organizational and leadership development firm. Careerstone Group brings robust experience in delivering award-winning early-career professional development programs to a diverse client roster.


Hear from Rising Leaders on the Experience

Rasheem Rooke (RL '19)

Ryan Colley (RL '21)

Shandell Richards (RL '19)

George Garcia (RL '18)

Joi Moorer (RL '18)

Amalia Lopez (RL '18)

Reece Soltani (RL '18)


Rising Leaders Sponsors

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Rising Leaders will also have access to:

  • Mentorship, networking, and volunteer opportunities with the LGW membership network of 1,900 leaders
  • LGW events including Frontline Conversations, Leadership Today, Programs with a Purpose, the Annual Meeting, and some LGW social events

Who Should Register?

  • Early to mid-level career professionals
  • Managers seeking more leadership development
  • Corporate, nonprofit, government and all sectors/industries

Return on Investment for Employers

  • More confidence as a leader & team member
  • Better relationship building & collaboration skills
  • Stronger managerial & leadership talents resulting in more effectiveness & efficiency