Signature Program Scholarship Opportunities


LGW is proud to offer multiple scholarship opportunities for people participating in the Signature Program to assist with the tuition costs. These scholarships help to ensure that LGW’s membership and classes remain as socio-economically diverse as possible, and that cost does not deter people from joining.

Anyone interested may apply for a scholarship towards the end of the Signature Program application. Signature Program Scholarship Awards are based on an applicant's needs and the funds available. Every request will receive a confidential, thorough assessment and every effort will be made to be supportive of individuals who cannot otherwise afford the tuition. LGW offers partial financial assistance; awards generally do not exceed 50% of the full tuition amount. A request for tuition assistance does not influence the decision of the Selection Committee.

Scholarship Funds

Barry Campbell Scholarship

This scholarship, sponsored by the LGW Class of 1998 in honor of their Classmate, Barry Campbell (’98), is awarded each year to a Signature Program Class member who works for DC government. The scholarship will help pay for part of their tuition costs for the Signature Program. Learn more about Barry Campbell and this scholarship fund here.

Lyles Carr Scholarship

Founded in 2021 in honor of Lyles Carr (’87), this fund sponsors a scholarship each year for a Signature Program Class member who leads a local or regional non-profit organization. The scholarship will help pay for part of their tuition costs for the Signature Program.

General LGW Scholarship

The LGW scholarship fund was launched in 2017 and is supported by LGW Members and the LGW board of directors. This fund sponsors multiple scholarships each year to help cover part of the tuition costs for Signature Program Class members who work in the non-profit and government sector and cannot afford the full tuition cost.

If you’d like to donate to an LGW scholarship, feel free to do so here:

Hear from a past scholarship recipient:

“In 2009, I had the great fortune to be accepted into LGW's Prime Time '09 Class. I believe my profile and hard- earned merits enabled me to be accepted, however, I did not have the fiscal capacity to pay for my membership at the time. I was thrilled to learn that I was a recipient of an LGW scholarship which was a game-changer for me personally and professionally. Through the program, I was able to connect with a network of professionals and life long friends who I highly value."

Mary E. Brown ('09)
Life Pieces to Masterpieces