The Future of Work




The future is here.

The traditional workplace, and how we view work itself, is undergoing a radical reorganization. Remote work, AI-powered technologies, and new approaches to collaboration and productivity demand an updated vision of labor and the things we create. As the seat of government and a major business hub, the DMV area is home to one of the most progressive, dynamic workforces in the country. And this change is already happening outside your front door.

Regional leadership programs have an important role in this future. As connecting points for leaders across different sectors, they are in position to not just shape, but to also influence, this new future of work. What changes are happening now? What shifts are they seeing? And what can you or your organization do to ensure you’re not left behind? Join us for a conversation with Karen Cleveland, President and CEO of Leadership Fairfax; Doug Duncan, President & CEO of Leadership Greater Washington; Lisa Fikes, President and CEO of Leadership Center for Excellence (Leadership Arlington); and Dana Pauley, President & CEO of Leadership Montgomery to find out their forecast for what’s to come.