Webinar: How to effectively manage a virtual team





Leading virtual teams is challenging, let alone for the many managers that have been suddenly thrust into operating virtually without much preparation. And all this at a time when the fear and chaos caused by the COVID-19 crisis makes the need for leadership even greater.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, you are not alone. While some challenges will remain, learning best practices on virtual management at least can lessen the burden on you and your team and allow you to focus more energy proactively on your organization and your clients.  

Join this interactive webinar to gain insights on how to more effectively lead your team in a virtual environment.

Mahan Tavakoli ('98), Leadership Greater Washington (LGW) Board Chair and CEO, Strategic Leadership Ventures, is a highly accomplished executive with a multi-faceted background in US and global operations management. He has led operations across the globe, including leading virtual teams. Mahan currently works with leadership teams on strategy formulation and effective execution. He is a published author and thought leader on organizational leadership.