Lessons in Leadership: 

Lessons in Leadership featuring esteemed businesswoman and technologist, Dr. Martine Rothblatt. View the complete interview here:

LGW’s Future of Greater Washington:

Watch the entire Second Annual Future of Greater Washington here: 

High Performance Smart Cities - Latest thinking on high-performance smart cities, the case for change and building foundations. Read

Tomorrow’s city hall – catalysing the digital economy - Digital and big data are shaping how smart cities evolve. Read

How smart are smart cities? - It’s time for city government to ask citizens. Read

City Initiatives for Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CITIE) Research - Government innovation, digital and technology adoption are helping build entrepreneurship and growth in high-performing cities of the world. Read

Cities reimagined: Crucibles for Innovation – what can municipal governments do to foster the innovation that digital startups offer?  Read

Smart move: Intelligent technologies make their mark on public service – How are intelligent technologies playing a transformative role in enabling public service agencies to meet their key challenges? Read

LGW’s Thought Leadership Series on Housing Affordability:

A Guidebook for Increasing Housing Affordability in the Greater Washington Region.

Local resources and strategies for housing production and preservation. Read

"Top Ten” Ideas for Housing Affordability: Individual Engagement

LGW’s top recommendations for regional leaders to get involved and end the housing crisis. Learn More.

2030 Roadmap

In the face of decreases in federal funding on which the Washington area’s economy has historically relied, the region recognizes the need to adopt new models for economic stimulus for long-term stability. To speed this adoption, a group of community leaders led by the 2030 Group and economist Dr. Steve Fuller, has collaborated to create a Roadmap to help Washington, D.C. compete in today’s global economy. Read 

Call the Question:  Will the Greater Washington Region Collaborate and Invest to Solve Its Affordable Housing Shortage?

Members of the Greater Washington Housing Leaders Group present the housing affordability data and a paper on potential housing solutions by Rick Cohen. The purpose is to stimulate community and regional leaders to think and act more boldly about strategies to address the formidable affordable housing shortage and to collaborate across state and local jurisdictions to address the crisis. Read 

Greater Washington Housing Leaders Group

Since June 2014, the Greater Washington Housing Leaders Group – a collection of more than a dozen public and private sector leaders concerned about housing affordability – has been meeting to examine: 1) the nature of the affordable housing shortage in the Greater Washington region; 2) the relationship of housing affordability to economic growth; and 3) strategies to increase affordable housing for low- and moderate-income households in the region.  Learn More

Greater Washington Region's Future Housing Needs: 2023

For a regional economy to remain competitive, it is important to understand and address the housing needs of individuals and families at all income levels and determine what steps to take to meet those needs and reduce housing insecurity burdens, especially those faced by low income households. This analysis forecasts the Area Median Income (AMI) of Greater Washington area households, plus the type (single family and multi-family) and tenure (owned and rented) of the housing units they occupy. Read 

Our Region, Your Investment

In order to create and preserve the affordable homes needed over the next decade, the region needs additional resources. WRAG has teamed up with Enterprise Community Loan Fund to develop Our Region, Your Investment to bring a new form of capital to support affordable housing in the region. This initiative offers local organizations and stakeholders, like you, to be a part of the solution to the Greater Washington region’s affordable housing crisis through impact investing.  Read 

Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers

WRAG is a membership association comprised of grantmakers in the Greater Washington region – Northern Virginia, suburban Maryland, and the District of Columbia. WRAG provides a variety of services to its members to facilitate more effective, strategic, and efficient grantmaking, thereby making the region a better place to live and work. Working alongside its membership, local stakeholders, and regional leaders, WRAG has been championing regional efforts to identify the affordable housing need and address the crisis. Learn More

Washington Post Article: Much ado about homeless overlooks much bigger issue of affordable housing

Local leaders want a “regional compact” to focus attention on a looming threat of overpriced housing. Read 


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