Signature Program

LGW18 Explores the Impact of Arts and Culture in the Region

Last week, LGW’s Signature Program Class of 2018 met for the third programming session of FY18. Veering from topics rooted in policy and hard data,  the content focused on providing class participants with an understanding of how arts & entertainment impact the region.

School Is In Session for the 2018 Signature Program

In November, LGW’s Signature Program Class of 2018 assembled for Education Day.

2018 Signature Class Explores Regional Collaboration

In October, LGW's Signature Program Class of 2018 met for their first program day, focused on achieving regionalism across the state, county, and local lines in Greater Washington.

LGW Salutes the Signature Program: Closing Retreat and Graduation

In June, LGW’s Class of 2017 met for the official closing retreat of the Signature Program, at the historic Airlie Center in Warrenton, VA. The retreat was a great opportunity for our 62 influential leaders to celebrate and reflect on a year of leadership and learning.

Signature Program Looks at Entrepreneurship in the Region

The Signature Program Class of 2017 came together at 1776 in Crystal City for its Entrepreneurship Day – a program all about taking risks and encouraging diverse growth for the region’s future.

LGW Heads to Montgomery County for Public Safety Day

Yesterday, the LGW Signature Program Class of 2017 gathered at the Montgomery County Public Safety Training Academy for Public Safety Day – our look into some of the challenges and opportunities faced by law enforcement working to ensure safety and the rule of law in the region.

LGW Visits Multiple Schools to Survey Region’s Educational Landscape

On one of the first frigid days of December, the LGW Signature Program Class of 2017 met for a program day focused on the educational landscape of the region.

Unlike Education Day in years past, this session began with leaders dispersed all around the region at schools in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and northern Virginia. Program participants met with leaders in public, charter, and private schools to learn about their unique curricula and to understand the variance in meeting students’ needs.

Entertaining the Arts, LGW Leaders Converge on the Business of Culture

Last week, LGW’s Signature Program Class of 2017 met for another insightful program focused on regional issues, this time turning to discuss how the business of providing arts and entertainment impacts the economic and cultural landscapes of Greater Washington.

LGW Launches 2017 Program Year at Fall Kick Off

Washington, D.C. - On October 5th, Leadership Greater Washington hosted its annual Fall Kick Off at the Anderson House in Dupont Circle. Nearly 250 local business, government, non-profit, and community leaders gathered at the historic venue to kick off the beginning of a new year of community-focused  LGW programs and events. The 2016 Fall Kick Off, presented by Total Wine and sponsored by Linder Global Events, brought together members and guests to rekindle old friendships and bridge new connections between regional leaders. 

Opening Retreat Sets Stage for Signature Program Class of 2017

The LGW Signature Program Class of 2017 joined together for two days at their Opening Retreat at the Airlie Center in Warrenton, VA to build important connections and set the stage for their upcoming program year.