Frontline Conversations featuring Andy Shallal ('17)





Race, culture, community, and the story of Busboys and Poets

Busboys and Poets are places where art, culture, and politics come together, and race and culture are bridged. As one of our region’s most visionary restauranteurs and as an artist, poet, and outspoken community activist, Andy Shallal (’17) is a leader working uniquely close to the center of the multiple crises of Covid-19, the economic downturn, and racial equity. 

Holding a recent virtual dinner with Ibram X. Kendi, author of “How to Be an Antiracist,” painting vibrant storefront murals with messages of hope, and using his platform to amplify the voices of artists across our region are just some of the ways he has continued to advance the mission of Busboys and Poets in a time of great adversity. 

As a business owner, planning for continuity, supporting the workforce, and maintaining these vibrant businesses in every sector of our region are of the utmost concern for Shallal (’17). Join us for Frontline Conversations for insights on our community, leadership with greater purpose and the challenging path to rebuilding.