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The National Plan to End Poverty - Because Economic Stability For All is an Achievable Goal

The United States’ current approach to poverty is inadequate. We need a greater understanding of what it means to live in poverty, where resources are needed, and how to enact workable and effective solutions. This plan provides those answers. It harnesses the power of data, action, and connections to challenge the status-quo approach to poverty.

The Shared Humanity Project (SHP) has designed the National Plan to provide individuals, organizations, and communities with information and a comprehensive guide to use in taking data-informed actions.

In specific, you will learn:

  1. A new and accurate method of identifying economic need
  2. Income standards for counties and how they compare to the federal poverty level
  3. Where the need is greatest in this country and in your region
  4. How to select indicators that will help you refine and target your actions

The Action Guide includes more than 300 clear and concrete actions that individuals and organizations from all sectors can take to end poverty and work toward economic security.

The goal of ending poverty is attainable when we listen to and connect with families with lived experience. The plan allows you to hear stories of people who have risen out of poverty as well as learning from successful and unsuccessful programs.

If you have ever wondered, “What can I do to help?“ this is your answer. It is a plan of action. And it is yours to use as you wish.