Leadership Today: Coaching Skills for Leaders




Coaching has been proven to be one of the most effective tools for leadership development. But the most successful leaders not only invest in professional coaching themselves, they hone their own coaching skills to cultivate extraordinary energy, motivation, and engagement in staff, board, peers and even to manage up. In this dynamic, interactive workshop you will learn the 5 most powerful skills of an exceptional leader-coach and how you can apply them to help transform individuals, teams, and organizations.


Margarita Rozenfeld is the CEO of Incite International, an award-winning organizational development company providing facilitation, training, and executive coaching services to non-profit, corporate and public sector clients including Pew Charitable Trusts, District Alliance for Safe Housing, Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the World Bank. 

Margarita hosts the Leadership Insights Podcast and is a frequent speaker on strategy, leadership, and organizational development. Her expertise has been featured in the Atlantic, Washington Business Journal, and Washington Post.  She is a member of LGW, Class of 2010. For more information about Margarita’s work and podcast visit www.inciteinternational.com