Leadership Today: Strategy, frames, light and time featuring Rishad Tobaccowala





The future of marketing does not fit into the containers of the past. Savvy marketers are looking at the elements of audience, brand, content, data, and enterprise to develop a stronger future competitive advantage. As mindsets shift during the pandemic, businesses and organizations are developing fresh tactics and strategies to meet customers where they are.

How can leaders set the direction that leads to marketing success? Mindsets have shifted towards empowering your audience to be interactive creators, to help influence others to embrace your mission and purpose.

Joining us for the next edition of Leadership Today, is profound thought-leader Rishad Tobbacowala, the author of the new book “Restoring the Soul of Business: Staying Human in the Age of Data.” Join us to learn ways to think, see, and feel differently, to grow your organization, your team, and yourself. 

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